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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Foodie Blogroll Review

The Foodie Blogroll Review

                                                          Photo by Sweet Strawberry

I am a member of the foodie blogroll, If you wanted to get a lot of exposure and you are blogging about foods this is the best place that you can enroll your blog. You can earn money as well, as long as the content of your blog is 75 percent of it is all about food. It is so easy to join. This will create a traffic and will provide a lot of exposure to your blog. You will be featured on their website that can check your blog as well.

How to Join

  • First, new users may submit their account information that may indicate your first and last name, username and email address and they will be sending a confirmation link to your email so that you can confirm it
  •   Please read the Terms and Conditions of the program before you submit your application
  •  Once you confirm the confirmation link, you will be provided with the username and password so that you can log in to your Foodie blogroll Login
  • You need to add the widget to your blog so that they can confirm it and they will approve that you can join in the program. Easy, right?
  •  Approval process it could take up to 4 weeks  for them to review your membership, this is because a lot of applications every day
  •  If you want to know more about foodie blogroll check out their Foodie Blogroll FAQ
  • The best thing about it is registering here is FREE of charge
  • You can gain and meet new blogger friends here. Check this Foodie Blogroll Members Area